<p><strong>High Quality Print on Premium Plywood</strong></p> <p>These Prints are printed without any white ink. This means any light or white areas in the images retain more of wood's natural colour and allow the beautiful patterns of the wood to show through. The lighter the image the more the wood will show. Because of the natural tone of the wood, this will add some warmth to the images.</p> <p>We believe in delivering a deliciously woody twist to your favourite gift items, ranging from custom made wall art on wood, to exquisitely crafted wooden diaries. Needless to say, all wooden raw materials are imported from suppliers who maintain unparalleled standards of quality and durability. The design team uses our proprietary technology to infuse ink into the wood to create visual masterpieces. Please note that each artwork is unique, and no two prints are identical because of the distinct variations in the wood grain pattern. Whether you need to spruce up your home, brighten your loved one's day or simply butter up your boss, you've reached the right place.</p>

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Wood Print with Frame | 12x8 inch - 3 mm wood with natural pine wood frame | Ink Infused into the Wood | 3 mm wood with natural pine wood frame | Soccer ; PSG ; Argentina |